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September 16, 2007



Can't wait to hear about school! Ah, the lake...what a wonderful idea. Today would be perfect...it is stunning outside. Miss seeing you.


Congrats on your baby news! SO excited and happy for ya'll! YEAY!


i'm right there with you on the homemaker stuff. add "planning birthday parties" to the list of things i don't like to do and am not good at. maybe we could be in group therapy together.



I just read the last several posts and watched the videos and Grayson is so absolutely adorable I could take a bite of him! What a cutie!
Hope you're feeling better.
We should get together. Dan's in Berlin for 2 weeks right now. Evan's been asking for Daddy alot and Nathan is "resting" on his pillow in our bed during the day.
Yes, I'm with you too on the homeslacker. My standard of clean has dropped with each kid and again now and this one's not even here yet! Whatever - dirt can wait. I'll have time someday!

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